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Dutch Disinfection has developed a dispenser in co-operation with Dutch specialists. The result is a sustainable and extremely strong dispenser with a beautiful design. The dispenser is equipped with smart technology, 'Powered by KPN'.

The disinfection recipe comes from our own Personal Care concepts laboratory in accordance with strict regulations and of the highest quality. The dispenser fits in every interior, office, shop, public building or hospital. The dispenser is lockable and EU certified by Kiwa in the Netherlands.

A beauty with brains

The Dutch Disinfection Dispenser is equipped with IoT technology, "powered by KPN". Through a GSM connection to the internet, the status of the dispenser can be seen real-time in your own online dashboard. Push notifications through e-mail keep you informed of the charging status of the battery, but also about the content and consumption of the disinfection spray, the stock and when you need to reorder. So 'empty' is never an issue.

'A relief for any facility manager who wants to pursue optimal management of maintenance and availability'.

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The dispenser can be used anytime, anywhere. The Dutch Dispenser is available as a wall, desk and floor model. There is a sustainable and elegant solution for every situation, at any desired location.


Careplus: Hygienic formula with a nourishing effect. By adding nourishing and repairing components such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, the hands are sanitized as well as immediately cared for and softened. Great for regular use.
Child-friendly: The child-friendly spray, with panthenol, aloe vera and calendula cares for and softens children's skin without compromising hygienic and thorough sanitizing. Responsible use.
Care: Intensive spray for extreme hygiene. Based on chloroxylenol and 70% ethanol. The right composition for places where extreme hygiene is desirable.

In your look & feel

Disinfection is a responsibility we hold for each other. It also shows how you as an organization care for the safety of your employees, patients, customers and guests. Dutch Disinfection offers an option to put for your own logo on the device. The dispenser is also available in many corporate colors. We are happy to show you all the possibilities.

Dispenser Specifications

Article numberD21000
Material dispenserPC/ABS
Vial volume2x 500ML
Power adapter220V / 12V
Accu12V Lithium accu
Size H X B X D240mm X 240mm X 130mm
Weight2,0 KG
Communication IoTGSM-2G-3G
safety certificateEU
Guarantee2 years technical parts
Spray volumeAdjustable 0,1 tot 1ml
Desk standHeight 410mm, 9KG
Floor standHeight 1250mm, 9KG
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